The Glorious Sound of Clean Energy

I’m always happy to see the creative application of photovoltaic technology, believing it’s the best way raise interest and awareness of it’s incredible energy-providing potential. Designer and musician Craig Colorusso’s most recent project, “Sun Boxes,” is doing just this, incorporating music with solar power to provide audible proof of the sun’s work. The project involves twenty wooden boxes, each equipped with a speaker, PC board, and solar panel, and programmed to play a different, pre-recorded, guitar note. Together, the Sun Boxes create an orchestra of varying tones, not only powered by the sun, but controlled by natural shifts in it’s intensity. The ephemeral harmonies produced during such a unique, live performance, seem quite adequate as a solar soundtrack. In a merging of art and technology, Colorusso presents a composition by the sun, an attractive manifestation of nature, and testament to the power of a clean, renewable, energy.

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