Solar Power… Cheaper than Nuclear!

So, its been a while since the last post, and we apologize. Been busy busy. But now, some news!

According to a recent study conducted by researchers at Duke University, solar power is, for the first time, cheaper than nuclear energy. The price of photovoltaic systems has steadily dropped with technological progression and increased demand, while the cost of building and running a nuclear plant remains high. It is important to note that this study used data pertaining predominately to North Carolina, and that the financial benefits of solar over nuclear may be even larger in the sun-rich western states. Also, concentrated solar power (CSP) systems, capable of electrical generation after sunset, were NOT included; if they were, costs for the solar side would go down even more.

The results of this study come at a prime time, with the Senate’s failure to pass a climate and energy bill earlier this year, and aggressive lobbying by the nuclear industry arguing itself as the best/cheapest way to ease off fossil fuels and reduce our carbon footprint. Not the case. Solar is now one of the cheapest power sources in America.

In the image above: Josh Hadar enjoys the SoHo sunshine atop his workshop. The solar panels supply power to tools used to create Hadar’s signature bikes and trees. It’s just one step in raising awareness of evolving environmental technologies, and bringing them to the world of art.  Photo: J.Bushueff

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