Josh Hadar was drawn to the art of metal sculpting by its structural fluidity and its lack of strict aesthetic rules. His early work with reclaimed building materials and broken bicycles from the streets of New York developed into an ever-deepening exploration of the physical relationship and emotional tension between biological and technological forms. In the process, he invented a powerful visual style and a unique artistic language for exploring the relationship of biology and technology through sculptural works that express a strangely harmonious biomorphic union between fine art, futurist design and environmental technology.

Using an intuitive, evolutionary method, Josh designs in the process of fabrication, giving his creations a life of their own. Each element is infused with artistic passion and meticulous attention to detail: metal is shaped by hand (often around lamp posts, trash cans or trees), glass is hand blown and leather is hand stitched. The results speak for themselves: Josh’s work has earned an enthusiastic and diverse global audience and has united a vibrant community of fine artists, craftspeople, environmental scientists, engineers, technicians and social activists who bring their knowledge and energy to the development of new projects.

Today the team at Hadar Metal Design is working to develop new sculptural art and installations that bring evolving environmental technologies to the forefront of social dialogue. The shop itself is now fully equipped with solar power and we are exploring new applications of alternative drive systems and power sources for our bikes and trikes. We are also increasingly involved with public outreach and community education and, as always, we invite everyone to join our community and participate in the creative process. If you have thoughts, ideas or information to share we would love to know about it.